What folks are saying . . .

Cara Cantarella, literally translated in Italian, means 'Beloved Singer.' Folks, it's not a stage name -- she was born to sing. Lately she has expanded her sound with a powerful five-piece band that has her songs soaring and blowing audiences away.” - Ed McIlvaine

Swallow Hill Music Associaton

Clear fan favorites . . . one of the surprise hits of the event” - Paul Weiss

— City Park Festival of the Arts

A real crowd pleaser” - Al Kriser

— Performance International

I was really taken aback by the beautiful music played by Ms. Cara Cantarella and her group. What a gem. Where has this group been hiding? There was so much wonderful, original, inspiring music. What a great group of musicians.” - Kimball Davison

— Swallow Hill Member

I am loving your new songs. They are great and you have just evolved into this amazingly self assured, kick ass communicator of substance through music. I want to be like you when I grow up.” - Marcy Baruch


She and her band ROCKS!” - David Ridge

Living Water Unity

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