Praise for Cara's Beautiful Heart CD

You are AWESOME, sister! I'm sitting here listening to your CD and it’s just AMAZING! Amazing voice, great songs, beautiful lyrics!”
Your album is awsome! I am actually trying to listen to your lyrics (one of my weaknesses). Your music has a wonderful sense and flow.”
Your writing style just comes across as so natural, simple, honest, versatile and spontaneous. You have captured my attention, touched my heart, made me laugh, think, feel and kept me interested. Thank you for your gift.”
Cara’s music is alternatingly funny, sensitive, and enlightening, but always insightful and engaging.”
It sounds very genuine, very heartfelt. The first thing that strikes me is your voice, which I think is excellent, beautiful, very expressive. This collection of songs is wonderful and highlights your talents impressively.”
I have received my CD and I love it! I really think some of the songs are totally awesome and so full of meaning. I am totally blown away.”