From Audiences at Shows

I met the couple sitting next to me where the CDs were setup. I was immediately comfortable with them and that is a feeling I haven't had in a long time. So, healing is taking place. One of the perks of your music drawing people together. ”
Your CD release was a JOY to be at. I feel priviledged to have been in the audience and heard your music and shared in the beauty and inspiration you all give generously from on stage. It was incredible!”
I came home so high on Saturday night that I couldn’t sleep for hours—an overload of adrenaline and good vibes. Your lyrics and melodies are so, so interesting and rich with wisdom and emotion. I’m glad I bought two CDs—one for a friend and one for myself! Thanks for adding so much energy to the evening.”
A bunch of years ago, I was stranded along a road. I went to a house to see if I could use their phone. The elderly couple let me use their phone . . . wherein I also became very upset. One more thing on my already full plate. Without saying a word, the woman offered me a glass of water. That kindness has been instilled in me ever since. That was 20 years ago. That small kindness goes a long way. I think without you even knowing it, you offered me a "glass of water" last night . . . human connection through kindness. In your case, through music. So, thank you again.”

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