1. Wild Horses

From the recording Wild Horses


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Words and music by Cara Cantarella
© (P) 2004 A.K.I. Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


Well, of course, when you love someone that much . . .
when you love someone the way I know you love her,
how can you be afraid that it isn’t the right thing to do?
You know that she loves you
could you let wild horses drag you away from that?
How could you -- how could you?
How could you do anything but love her
the way that you want to?

Well, of course, there are reasons it won’t work
there are things that make you wonder if it is worth it all
But you could spend half your life hoping to find
another love like hers
Could you let wild horses drag you away from that?
How could you -- I don’t understand it
How could you do anything but be with her
the way that you want to?

And I can see it in your eyes, but I don’t have to look that far
I don’t have to look at all to see she’s part of all you are
And I can hear it in your voice; she’s there in every single word
She’s part of all of what you say
Don’t fool yourself – you love the girl

Well, of course, you know it wouldn’t be a choice
If you didn’t have to choose between the things that you so love
But the ones who love you . . .
I promise they’ll be there in the end,
if you just choose as you must choose
And you’re not weak; no you’re not weak at all
No you’re not, no – I can tell
You are strong enough to recognize
that when there is love, wild horses can’t hold you back
No, wild horses, no matter how wild they are
well, they don’t even stand a chance



Produced by Gregory Spencer and Cara Cantarella
© (P) 2005 Giraffe Records. All Rights Reserved.

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar -- Cara Cantarella
Lead Guitar -- Clarence Johnsen
Harmony Vocals -- Cinthia Cable
Drums -- Gregory Spencer
Bass -- Pete LeClaire

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Gregory Spencer