1. I Grew Up

From the recording I Grew Up


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Words and music by Cara Cantarella
© (P) 2004 A.K.I. Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


I grew up in a house on a street
I caught fish with my grandfather in the summertime
On his old white car, on the bumper,
it said, “Drive like hell and you’ll get there” . . . and he did
Yeah, he did . . . he didn’t know any better
He had a foolproof way: drive like hell and you’ll get there
No matter what anyone says

I grew up in a house on a lane
I rode bikes with my sister in the summertime
And my father said, “Please be careful –
I don’t want you riding too far away from here” . . . but we did
Yeah, we did . . . we didn’t know any better
We had a foolproof way: ride like hell and you’ll get there
Even if you disobey

I grew up in an apartment in the city
I worked days in an office on the eleventh floor
And I covered all my bills in their installments,
and I got nervous that they’d pile up again
that they’d pile up again
that they’d pile up again
And they did . . . I didn’t know any better
I had a foolproof way: work like hell and you’ll get there
Whatever the price that you pay

I grew up on an island in an ocean
And I watched the sand
spinning castles beneath the summer sky
I remember when it finally hit me
that I could be there if I stopped moving . . . so I did
Yeah, I did . . . and I’ve never known it better
There isn’t a foolproof way
But once you’re aware that you’re somewhere
At least you stop running away



Produced by Gregory Spencer and Cara Cantarella
© (P) 2005 Giraffe Records. All Rights Reserved.

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar -- Cara Cantarella
Bass, Lead Guitar -- Clarence Johnsen
Harmony Vocals -- Cinthia Cable
Drums -- Gregory Spencer

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Gregory Spencer