From the recording Track 6 - Places


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Words and music by Cara Cantarella
© (P) 2004 A.K.I. Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


If I have to go, won’t someone take my place
take care of all the things I’ve left behind
there’s no more time
something’s calling out to me
I need confidence to see
you'll be all right

I can’t define what’s coming over me;
I’ve never know a time like this before
am I wiser? Or is it just a good disguise?
All I am – and so much, so much more

I found you here
I know your name
it's the same as mine
And I’ll sing for you
the things you mean
to say

Can I end a feeling still inside of me?
It’s better for a while than not at all
I see you
to leave some wonder to
I will open up my heart

and carry on.



Produced by Cara Cantarella
© (P) 2004 Giraffe Records. All Rights Reserved.

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar -- Cara Cantarella

Engineered and Mixed by Steven Avedis,
Steven Avedis Productions

Mastered by Steven Sundberg, FTM Studios