A Night On Broadway!

Gennaro's . . . wow . . . thank you for the amazing welcome! This was our first night at this cafe/lounge hangout south on Broadway, and what a surprise! Gracious and attentive service, a totally fun crowd, and truly superb pizza! It was an excellent night! Thanks to our hosts Irene, Nicole, Bryan, and Rhiannon, who made us feel at home and took care of everything to keep the night running smoothly! We enjoyed meeting new friends Steve and Kevin, Andy and Tas, Kevin who requested more Janis and Indigo Girls, Dominic from FedEx Kinkos (thank you for your generous support), Fox with just excellent feedback about the repertoire . . . and Rhonda and Pat, who communed with us and partied all night and helped christen our new song "If You Want" with a dance of love! It is so fun to feel the joy and we are sending it right back at ya!