Where Did Three Months Go?

I need to update my journal. I promise I am still alive out here. If you come to a show, I guarantee you'll see a real person, not a dead one propped up. Wow -- it is April Fool's today. We are in the second quarter already. First, I feel the need to clarify something I wrote in an earlier journal entry that some of you horse people are probably laughing about. When our horses first came to live on our land, I got bitten by one of them . . . I took it so personally. Now that I have been a horse owner for 7 months, and with these particular gals for 9, all I have to say is: HAH! Of course horses do stuff if you have no idea how to behave with them! It has been a long journey, but suffice it to say . . . I haven't gotten bitten again, and I know it had nothing to do with "oh we aren't bonded." It had to do with "I am totally green." Everything that loving, experienced horse people advise you is true—provided that they are Trinity Demask or someone of similar wisdom—so just listen to them instead of having to learn the hard way. Take my word for it. Set good boundaries, gain your horses’ respect -- and then bond. We are doing great in our happy paddock these days, and the hours I spend with the mares on sunny afternoons are a delight for my soul better than I could have imagined. *********** On a musical note, CCB has some very cool shows coming up in Denver that we're thrilled to present! We debut at a place called the Metaphysical Research Society on April 17th. MRS is a spiritual event venue located in a huge mansion in Capitol Hill. They are non-denominational and support programs of “integrated spirituality.” The listening room at MRS has this holy feeling to it; I can’t really explain it. I thought of saying “sacred,” but somehow it just feels holy. This will be our first show in our new “acoustic configuration.” We’ve had a lot of call for more intimate shows without the drum kit, so we’re trying it out to see how you like it. When we say “acoustic,” we’ll be plugged in, but the show will emphasize our vocals and be more contemplative in nature. (Well, mostly likely – you know us.) We definitely have a soft side, okay everyone except for Clarence, and we love to let that show! We also have a gutsy side that’ll run wild and free at Ziggies in Arvada on Saturday, May 7th. Thanks to owner Carla Jordan for hosting us! CCB is headlining a "Female-Fronted Bands" night at the Denver iconic tavern, and do we have a show in store for you! Pianist/vocalist Lara Ruggles starts at 8; CCB follows at 9 pm. I highly recommend checking out Lara on MySpace if you haven't heard her music. Carla said she sounds like Tori Amos meets Natalie Merchant (Carla's two favorite women artists), and by golly, she's right! Ziggies is known for its live music 7 nights a week and particularly for its history of blues. Carla would like to expand the venue’s offerings to different genres, so we’re folkin’ the place up a little and happy to help! This show will be a more on the rock side, actually, and we do have some bluesy and even R&B tunes ready for you . . . you know some of our players can SANG, if you know what I’m saying. And I think you do! Lots of love, Cara