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Cara Cantarella: Online Store

Now I Know CDs

Cara's Third Release: $15.00

About Now I Know . . .

Sometimes there is this turning point where you come into your own. Where things seem clear and you have certainty. All of the doubts that haunted you are quieted. The road may not feel totally pre-paved, but it unfolds before you, and you just know. This is your direction, it's absolutely calling to you, and now is the time.

This CD is a tribute to that inner voice in all of us. We like to say that it has been whispering to us quietly, but in truth it probably has been shouting out for a while now, trying to get our attention. And we finally have the fortitude to listen.

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Letter to the World CDs

Cara's Sophomore Release: $15.00

This CD is currently out of stock. We are in the process of restocking and will post a new purchase link as soon as it is available.

For samples and lyrics, please visit the Music section, under "Letter to the World CD."


Beautiful Heart CDs

Cara's Debut Release: $14.95

Cara's debut album is an acoustic daydream. The perfect CD for a quiet evening at home by the fire. To purchase yours, just click below!

For samples and lyrics, please visit the Music section, under "Beautiful Heart CD."