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Cara Cantarella: Reviews & Press

What folks are saying . . .

“Cara Cantarella, literally translated in Italian, means ‘Beloved Singer.’ Folks, it's not a stage name – she was born to sing. Lately she has expanded her sound with a powerful five-piece band that has her songs soaring and blowing audiences away."
“Clear fan favorites . . . one of the surprise hits of the event”
“A real crowd pleaser”
Al Kriser - Performance International
“I was really taken aback by the beautiful music played by Ms. Cara Cantarella and her group. What a gem. Where has this group been hiding? There was so much wonderful, original, inspiring music. What a great group of musicians.”
Kimball Davison - Swallow Hill Member
“I am loving your new songs. They are great and you have just evolved into this amazingly self assured, kick ass communicator of substance through music. I want to be like you when I grow up.”
"She and her band ROCKS!"

And from audiences at shows:

“I met the couple sitting next to me where the CDs were setup. I was immediately comfortable with them and that is a feeling I haven't had in a long time. So, healing is taking place. One of the perks of your music drawing people together.”
"Your CD release was a JOY to be at. I feel priviledged to have been in the audience and heard your music and shared in the beauty and inspiration you all give generously from on stage. It was incredible!"
“I came home so high on Saturday night that I couldn’t sleep for hours—an overload of adrenaline and good vibes. Your lyrics and melodies are so, so interesting and rich with wisdom and emotion. I’m glad I bought two CDs—one for a friend and one for myself! Thanks for adding so much energy to the evening.”
“A bunch of years ago, I was stranded along a road. I went to a house to see if I could use their phone. The elderly couple let me use their phone . . . wherein I also became very upset. One more thing on my already full plate. Without saying a word, the woman offered me a glass of water. That kindness has been instilled in me ever since. That was 20 years ago. That small kindness goes a long way. I think without you even knowing it, you offered me a "glass of water" last night . . . human connection through kindness. In your case, through music. So, thank you again.”

Praise for Cara's Beautiful Heart CD:

"You are AWESOME, sister! I'm sitting here listening to your CD and it’s just AMAZING! Amazing voice, great songs, beautiful lyrics!"
"Your album is awsome! I am actually trying to listen to your lyrics (one of my weaknesses). Your music has a wonderful sense and flow."
"Your writing style just comes across as so natural, simple, honest, versatile and spontaneous. You have captured my attention, touched my heart, made me laugh, think, feel and kept me interested. Thank you for your gift."
"Cara’s music is alternatingly funny, sensitive, and enlightening, but always insightful and engaging."
"It sounds very genuine, very heartfelt. The first thing that strikes me is your voice, which I think is excellent, beautiful, very expressive. This collection of songs is wonderful and highlights your talents impressively."
"I have received my CD and I love it! I really think some of the songs are totally awesome and so full of meaning. I am totally blown away."
For a link to Cara's electronic press kit, see the Contact page.