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Cara Cantarella: News/Journal

Cameron Show Celebrity Endorsement! - February 7, 2006

Greetings, all! Hope your February is good so far. We have been practicing away preparing for our next very special event . . . a show like none other. Here is a snippet from a recent exchange between me and the band:

CARA: Hey, everybody! Thanks for all your great work at practice. We have learned so much material from the new CD. Our next show at Cameron Church is going to be awesome! I know our fans will have a blast!

BAND: Oh, yes – our fans! We love our fans!!! Have you invited them to the show yet?

CARA: I was planning to do it, but it looks like I don’t have to! We’ve got celebrity endorsement! See for yourselves!

Cara Cantarella Band in Concert!

Q. Why is this night different from all other nights?
A. A few reasons. First of all, costumes. Yes, folks, we will be wearing bonafide costumes at this show. Well, at least Cara will. She is featuring her cool floor-length-with-kind-of-a-trainLoreena McKennitt knock off dress that it should be very funny to see her dance around in when Pete starts ripping it up with his leads. That alone is worth the admission price . . . not funny, she’s already had to have the thing repaired for tears once!

Reason #2: We will be featuring loads of new material, including 3 rockin’ covers and at least 3 originals from the new CD. We have been working for three months on this material and will have a phenomenal brand spankin’ new show for you!

Reason #3: Cameron Church is the bomb! You gotta see this place! And hear it! You walk in there and you feel like the Gregorian chants should be starting up any minute. Which explains the rationale behind the Loreena McKennitt Goth-dress get-up. Speaking of chants, that leads us to our next question . . .

Q. You’re having a show in a church. Is this religious?
A. Cameron Church is a non-denominational church but the show is secular. Just to give you a sense, we are asking for permission to cover up the cross. (No disrespect or anything, but we thought it might be more appropriate to blast Wilma Like a Maniac in a more . . . well, more “neutral” setting.) We are very grateful to Cameron for its generosity in letting us hold our concert there!

Q. I can’t wait! How do we get tickets?
A. Tickets are $10 in advance / $12 at the door. Advance tickets are available onlinehere.

You can also purchase tickets in person through these fine locations: Isis Books, West Side Books, and Twist & Shout Records. See the Calendar page for details. Advance tickets will be available until 5 pm on Thursday, March 2, 2006.

A Night to Remember! - December 5, 2005

Heartfelt thanks to all of you from me and the band for your birthday wishes and help in celebrating at our Birthday Bash Concert on December 3rd. Thanks also to Judith Martinez and Trina Hoefling of Tennyson Gallery for the perfect venue and a fabulous night. Please check out our pictures from the evening, just added to the photo gallery page. Photos courtesy of Frank Duchaine -- thanks, Frank, for the memories!

Congratulations to Howie Baumgarten and Edward Kosinski, winners of our CD giveaway raffle. And a special congrats to Pam Post, who won our newest giveaway: a massage by Cindy Cable, nationally certified massage therapist and owner of The Well Being, a holistic massage therapy practice. We're delighted to welcome The Well Being as our first official band sponsor. We'll be raffling off more of Cindy's wondrous massages at future performances, so you'll have plenty of chances to win. Come for the music . . . leave with gifts!

-- Cara

Dec 3rd Birthday Bash! - November 23, 2005

In this profession, you're contantly throwing parties. I guess the hosting gene must run in my family, because my parents used to throw a New Year's Eve "ball" for what seemed like the entire city every year. I remember staying up late and running through the house with my sister in our little gold booties . . .

Now we both have considerably larger booties, and I have decided to carry on our family's party-throwing tradition by performing the first annual Birthday Bash concert! Three of us in the band are having birthdays the first week of December. Our bass palyer, Clarence, and I are both born on November 30th (go figure!), and our lead guitarist, Pete, is a December 10th baby. We're celebrating by giving a show right in-between those dates, on Saturday, December 3rd.

Mark your calendars! Bring your friends! Get your partying shoes on (booties encouraged)! Join us in making this birthday an event to remember!

Love to you all and a very Happy Thanksgiving --

Benefit a Huge Success! - November 14, 2005

Thanks so much to those of you who came out and supported the Rock Me on the Water benefit concert for Living Water Unity this weekend. We had a phenomenal time and are so pleased with the success of the show. Together we raised over $2,185.00, thanks to the 75 folks who took part in the event.

The video footage and sound quality were strong enough to merit a DVD of the event, so you may still be able to catch the show -- even if you missed it! Stay tuned for details!

with much love and gratitude,

Welcome! - October 27, 2005

It seems like this year has been a year of dreams coming true. Thank you so much for your support in helping make it all happen.

I'm not sure how much of a coincidence it is that my site is going live right as hurricane Wilma is making her own debut. Suddenly my song "Wilma Like a Maniac" seems very a propos! In one of the verses, a couple of people get shut inside during a hurricane and decide to make the best of it through the storm. I wrote the song years ago and never had any premonition that such a hurricane would actually strike!

A shortened version of Wilma Like a Maniac is available for free download on the Music section of the site. To find it, click "Music," then "Cara Cantarella EP," and scroll down to the bottom of the list. A special shout out to those of you who’ve gone through the real Wilma this week: I sure hope the tune helps make the days a little lighter. Much love to you all.

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