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Cara Cantarella: Concert Info

Nov 16, 2019 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Lakewood Colorado
May 30, 2015 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Denver Colorado
Sep 13, 2013 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Denver Colorado
Aug 17, 2013 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Denver Colorado
Apr 20, 2013 FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Denver Colorado
Oct 19, 2012 THE SHINING LOTUS Denver CO
Sep 22, 2012 THE WALNUT ROOM Denver, CO
Aug 4, 2012 GENNARO'S CAFE ITALIANO - Denver, CO

We had a great time, dancing the night away. Happy birthday to Wendy Ritter, who came out for the evening with friends and family to celebrate! A special thanks to new friends who joined us for the first time: Jennie Johnson and Lisa Johnson and main squeeze Mark. No, I mean Mark was Lisa's main squeeze . . . oh, never mind!

Jul 31, 2012 THE WALNUT ROOM - Denver, CO

What a phenomenal night it was! Thanks to our co-bills: Carin Dawn, TerriJo Jenkins, and Jillian Grutta for singing your hearts out and putting on a terrific show. Becca Greer had the vision to put the line-up together, and Kenyon Walton fine-tuned it all with pro sound! We so much appreciated the chance to meet new friends, and of course the Walnut Room pizza rounded out the night! We're very grateful to have been a part of it! Lots of love ~ Cara

Jul 28, 2012 JAMMIN' JOE'S - Arvada, CO
Jul 13, 2012 ANAM CARA STUDIO GALLERY - Lakewood, CO
Jul 11, 2012 THE LITTLE BEAR - Evergreen, CO
May 26, 2012 PASQUINI'S CHERRY CREEK - Denver, CO In the heart of Cherry Creek
May 12, 2012 Stage C ~ Mercury Cafe Denver, CO
May 5, 2012 For Heaven's Sake Denver, CO
Apr 22, 2012 Center for Spiritual Living Denver, CO
Feb 4, 2012 GENNARO'S CAFE ITALIANO Denver CO In old, old Italy!
Dec 3, 2011 GENNARO'S - Denver, CO
Oct 1, 2011 Stapleton Central Park Denver, CO
Jul 23, 2011 ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC Denver, CO
Jul 22, 2011 ★ A little taste of what's in store! ☆
Apr 30, 2011 ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC Denver, CO
Mar 16, 2011 EVERGREEN SHOW - LITTLE BEAR Evergreen, CO
Feb 5, 2011 DENVER SHOW -- GENNARO'S Denver CO
Dec 4, 2010 ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC Denver CO
Nov 13, 2010 GENNARO'S - Denver, CO

Gennaro's . . . wow . . . thank you for the amazing welcome! This was our first night at this cafe/lounge hangout on Broadway, and what a surprise! Gracious and attentive service, a totally fun crowd, and truly superb pizza! It was an excellent night!

Thanks to our hosts Irene, Nicole, Bryan, and Rhiannon, who made us feel at home and took care of everything to keep the night running smoothly! Fore more, please see Cara's journal entry from November 14th. We had a blast!

Sep 25, 2010 ZIGGIES LIVE MUSIC Denver CO

Our second show at Ziggies . . . how great it was to share the evening with new friends and old. Carla Jordan does such a fantastic job of making Ziggies the good-time hangout where you want to be! Thanks to bartender extraordinaire Chris, whose awesome attitude and upbeat service helped keep everyone grooving all night. And nice to have new friends Rick Bevan and Kathy Rea join us for their first shows with us. Kathy, I have the back of your cell phone! OK, wtf?!? but that is where it is if you wake up and notice it's missing!

Aug 29, 2010 The Cara Cantarella Band LIVE at The Open Tap Denver Colorado US

We love this place! It was like something out of a surrealist movie! But in a good way! There was a small dog named Mathilda, and it rained for literally two-tenths of a minute, and they had a Bloody Mary bar, which IMHO makes everything curiouser and curiouser! Afterwards we went out for ice cream where I was served by a very brilliant tatooed philosopher who is leaving soon to study Kant and Hegel in Iceland, and I discovered that vanilla with a shot of espresso over it is absolutely HEAVENLY.

Jul 24, 2010 The Walnut Room - Denver, CO

What a wonderful evening with our friends the Melanie Susuras Band and special guest Lauren Shera. We were graced with Lauren's beautiful voice and MSB's madcap antics! Thanks to the Walnut Room for another night of great sound, great food, and a great vibe that we love -- and thanks especially to you all for making it a success!

Jun 25, 2010 Lions Park - Golden, CO

Thanks to Donna DeNomme for hosting this wonderful event, with spiritual author/peace troubador James Twyman making a special guest appearance! It was an honor to be a part of the evening.

Jun 24, 2010 Oriental Theater - Denver, CO

This place was rocking! Special thanks to Garrett on sound! We're grateful to Bob Webb and the Film Festival of the Rockies for hosting us!

Jun 4, 2010 The Tap Room Fort Collins CO

Thanks to Dru, Cynthia, and our favorite blondie bartender, Ms. Sarah the Awesome! Nice to see old friends and meet new ones --- what a blast! : )

May 7, 2010 Ziggies Denver Colorado US

What can we say except that Carla Jordan of Ziggie's rocks -- and thanks to you all for making this such a special night! We had a ball at our debut Ziggies show and look forward to returning!

Apr 17, 2010 Metaphysical Research Society Denver CO
Apr 3, 2010 The Spillway Aurora Colorado
Mar 6, 2010 Tap Room At Catalyst Ft. Collins CO
Feb 13, 2010 Morrison Town Hall Morrison CO
Jan 9, 2010 FORT COLLINS SHOW: THE TAP ROOM Ft. Collins Co
Dec 12, 2009 DENVER SHOW: MORRISON TOWN HALL Morrison, Colorado
Nov 14, 2009 The Walnut Room Denver CO
Oct 25, 2009 TULSA, OK - Center of Light Tulsa OK
Oct 17, 2009 Morrison Town Hall Morrison CO
Sep 13, 2009 Boulder Library Meadow's Branch Boulder CO
Aug 13, 2009 TOAD TAVERN Littleton CO
Aug 8, 2009 DENVER SHOW - JAVA GURU Castle Rock CO
Jul 31, 2009 BOULDER SHOW - SUPER JOE Superior CO
Jul 25, 2009 MORRISON TOWN HALL Morrison CO
Jun 27, 2009 CAMERON CHURCH Denver CO
Jun 4, 2009 HAMILTON'S Ft Collins CO
May 31, 2009 OWSLEYS GOLDEN ROAD Denver CO
Apr 8, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD -
Apr 7, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD -
Apr 6, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD -
Apr 5, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD -
Apr 4, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD -
Apr 3, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD -
Apr 2, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD - Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 1, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD - Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 31, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD - Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 30, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD - Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 29, 2009 CD MIXING NOW UNDERWAY! Now I Know CD - Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 28, 2009 MORRISON TOWN HALL Morrison, CO
Mar 26, 2009 FORT COLLINS SHOW: THE TAP ROOM Fort Collins, CO Italy (Just kidding. Nice to think about going there, though!)
Mar 22, 2009 MORRISON TOWN HALL Morrison CO
Mar 20, 2009 BOULDER AREA SHOW: SUPER JOE Superior, CO
Mar 13, 2009 For Heaven's Sake - Denver, CO
Feb 28, 2009 FORT COLLINS SHOW -- Avogadro's Number Fort Collins, CO
Feb 20, 2009 LIVE HEAVEN ON EARTH Wheat Ridge CO
Feb 14, 2009 DENVER SHOW -- Morrison Town Hall - Morrison, CO
Feb 7, 2009 FORT COLLINS SHOW -- Everyday Joe's - Fort Collins, CO
Feb 5, 2009 FORT COLLINS RADIO SHOW - KRFC Live@Lunch - Fort Collins, CO
Jan 18, 2009 DENVER SHOW -- Arvada Center - Arvada, CO
Jan 14, 2009 BOULDER SHOW -- Reynolds Branch Library - Boulder, CO
Jan 9, 2009 DENVER SHOW -- For Heaven's Sake - Denver, CO
Jan 2, 2009 DALLAS, TX
Jan 1, 2009 DALLAS, TX
Dec 31, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 30, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 29, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 28, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 27, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 26, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 25, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 24, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 23, 2008 DALLAS, TX
Dec 12, 2008 DENVER SHOW -- For Heaven's Sake Denver, CO
Dec 2, 2008 ATLANTA, GA
Dec 1, 2008 ATLANTA, GA
Nov 30, 2008 PRIVATE EVENT
Nov 29, 2008 ATLANTA, GA
Nov 28, 2008 ATLANTA, GA
Nov 27, 2008 ATLANTA, GA
Nov 26, 2008 ATLANTA, GA
Nov 23, 2008 PRIVATE EVENT
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